About SaveEveryStep

SaveEveryStep is about the passion for family nostalgia. We are relentless in our mission to encourage the world to preserve their personal memories for future generations.

In this Blog you will find a selection of life’s little jewels to act as inspiration… memories from a childhood long gone but never forgotten; day to day events and photography from a mother with a full family life; pieces of family history, including the serialisation of the letters which were written by my Uncle during World War 2; fun nostalgia, and a lot of opportunities to join in and share your own family stories.

Our sister website, http://www.SaveEveryStep.com provides a safe place for families to take this inspiration and capture it for themselves, for posterity.

A holiday snapshot or a child’s painting tells us so much more than the faces or the paint on the page. It is a memento of a time gone by, a person now grown, or a phase of life which can never be regained. A tiny little slice of you, in digital format.

Each picture deserves its own story and SaveEveryStep provides the perfect way to record your family’s lives in the order they happen, on a chronological timeline, as a legacy for the future. Your personal slice of social history in the form of bad fashion mistakes, old boyfriends or homes you once lived in.

We can, literally, save your life…….

H life collage

The inspiration behind SaveEveryStep.com

Helen Spencer - Founder When a young life enters this world or when an old life leaves it, we become aware of our own mortality and the need to preserve memories. The inspiration for our site came when my mother passed away. I was approaching 40 and I felt as though I still didn’t really know much about my mum. The irony of youth of course is that you appreciate pretty much nothing until you’re no longer youthful….. My mum had a sister, who has now also died, and with them have gone the memories and stories of all the generations before them. Yes, we have some old treasured photographs – some of them are fastidiously dated and named even, but the richness of the descriptions is lacking, as is the human narrative. There are no successes and tragedies, no mundane tales of schools, wars, friends, homes, or how it was to live there and then. So, at 42 I found myself sitting and contemplating what a disaster it would be to lose another generation’s stories too (i.e. my own). Whilst my life seems inordinately uninteresting to me, I am now aware that the very fact that I was once a spotty teenager with grey exercise books filled with Latin conjugations, is of such intense amusement to my children that it is in itself precious and something to be retained.

So capture the moment whilst you still can. Save and share your own personal family histories on a timeline. Pass on your stories, in the order they happened, to your children as your family legacy. Do it now.

Helen Spencer, Founder

15 responses to “About SaveEveryStep

  1. A great idea – and a lovely summary as to how this idea came about.

    Well done – this should get a lot of people thinking and acting before it is too late!

  2. what an amazing idea. I know how many things i wish i had asked my mum before she passed away (we lost her very suddenly and unexpectedly) and since becoming a mummy myself – I wish I knew more about her and ask her advice on being a mum. So many questions…and answers that I’ll never find out.

    • Thanks so much or your comment. I really hope you try out SaveEveryStep – it’s your chance to make sure that the same mistake is not made for a second generation!!! Capture your own stories for your children, and theirs….

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