Bigfoot seen on Scarborough beach!

I have reached the conclusion that the world of Marketing and PR is full of brilliant lunatics who dream up increasingly bizarre and extreme ways to grab the attention of the media, and consequently the public. And yet here I am joining in with the excited bewilderment of a toddler in a chocolate factory.

Here is how the conversation goes….

“Yes, yes, Guinness Book of Records”


“Sure. It’s going to be amazing.”

“How big will it be?”

“About 200 feet long.”

“Are you crazy? I don’t have a big enough bucket and spade.”

“We’ll get a digger. The Council are willing to help, and the photos will be great from Scarborough cliff top.”

“And we need 55 pairs of hand made Roman sandals too?”

“Yes, then we’re good to go.”

Obviously, all will become clear, so watch this space…………

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