The biggest cliche of them all

It seems that the years go by in a flash, doesn’t it? 

‘MyStories’ is intended to help you record those important happenings in life which you may not be able to pinpoint to a specific date in time. Take the example of your own childhood – you may have lots of memories but they may be about the kinds of holidays you had, or your days at school, rather than a specific ‘Event’. It occurred to me that the birth and development of a new baby is one such example of this. My own son is now 10, and I thought he wouldn’t mind too much if I use him to help me illustrate how the ‘MyStories’ section of the website can be a godsend in recording for your children the stories of their own lives as they happen, for when they are grown.

Like you, I’m sure, I had one of those baby books – I recorded religiously his first this and first that, and even remembered to print and insert a few pictures to illustrate the events. Now it is a bit raggy and, whilst I am delighted that I wrote it all down, I wish I had had an easier solution with better longevity, which I could have handed down to George without actually losing the original. I even kept his hospital tags, but I’ll spare you the details …. So, I have created his own Lifeline for him on the SaveEveryStep site.

I have added to his Lifeline the dates and pictures of his first tooth, first crawling (backwards), smiles, walking, weaning experiences and anything else which might one day paint a picture for him of how it was to be his mother in the times which he will never remember. 

What I love about the Lifeline is that you can store all the unusual things which normally get stored away in shoeboxes, like the kids’ artwork and school creations. You stick them on  the  fridge and make ‘oohs and aahs’ about them, because you simply don’t have the heart to throw any of them away, and they just keep on coming! So I’ve started to store my own childrens’ creative efforts on the site, so that they can look back and appreciate them for themselves later in life, with a more discerning artistic eye… When they start to win awards and take up sports, this can be a great way to record their sporting endeavours too.    

And then there are the birthday parties of course. Each year a new theme and a new idea for an ever-demanding group of young socialites. We have had Superhero parties, Star Wars parties, Bouncy Castle parties, even Laser Shooting parties. I distinctly remember hiring the Church Hall and having 15 mini Darth Vaders turn up in full costume, helmeted and identical!    

 Before you know it, they are growing their hair to look cool and sulking over their homework. The joys of parenting….

And in the blink of an eye my son was 10 years old……Save Every Step whilst you can!

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