Everything’s Dandy (and Rosie)!

On Saturday 27th February, we proudly took delivery of two new family members.

Their names are Dandy and Rosie. They are brother and sister 9 week old Border Terriers, and they are totally adorable!

We had been debating the big ‘dog  issue’ for some time – partly due to the incessant nagging of small children since our neighbours brought home a chocolate labrador puppy last year. Like the slow drip, drip, drip of a leaky tap they wore down our resolve and we finally caved.

Secretly, of course, it is we adults who are most smitten with the new babies.

The plan was to have one pup, but we somehow managed to persuade ourselves that we would be wise and morally responsible parents if we actually spent twice as much money and took on the sister as well as the male.

It actually turns out that we were quite wise – they play together, sleep together and it has so far (touch wood) managed to prevent any whining or barking of any kind during the wee hours of the night. Long may it continue.

The cat, a Siberian male called Tarzan (don’t ask), is being very houghty about it all, however. The vivacious pups are receiving a very wide berth and significant looks of disdain. He won’t be seen dead in the same room as them yet!

Anyway, I am sure they will  bring us many, many years of pleasure and poopascooping.

Updates to follow as they grow!

Look out for National Pet Month!

As new dog owners, this strikes me as a potential Event to take part in. The idea is that, across the country, pet owners teach people how to treat animals responsibly, and try to raise money for their chosen pet charities.

The theme this year is ‘Healthy pets make happy pets’.

There is an opportunity to organise and register your own event, or browse the website to check out events near you.

Have a look at www.nationalpetmonth.org.uk.

It takes place from 3rd April to 3rd May 2010.

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