Childhood treasures!

OMG, I was digging around, as you do, in the garage, looking for archived family photos for the site, when I came across a plastic bag FULL of stuff.

I realised it was my old school exercise books.

Mum must have saved them out of sentimentality. It’s funny how I’m now doing the exact same thing for my sons!

What struck me the most was how much I enjoyed laughing at them now, 35 odd years on – hard to believe I ever was so naive!

Self portrait, aged about 5/6 at a guess. I lost the blonde hair but kept the midriff, sadly.

Anyway, here’s a sample of my work for your own entertainment. Clearly a budding genius.

Get cracking on unearthing your own treasures and saving them for future hilarity….

Interestingly, my brother quoted here as ‘helping me ONCE’ – note to self -point this out to older bro.

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