“Did a Giant do it, mummy?”

This is the first thing we overheard when we climbed the many steps from Scarborough’s South Bay yesterday, up to the Spa Walkway bridge, to get a bird’s-eye view of our handiwork.

I was very nervous when I woke up.

Would it work? Would we get it done in time? Would anyone from the Press even turn up?

Not once did I consider (in the midst of this 3 week heatwave we’ve been having) that there would not only be NO sunshine, but that a thick impenetrable fog would descend upon the beach to make photographing our efforts almost impossible!

Aaaarrgggh! What a roller coaster of a day!

It’s been hot and sunny for.. well weeks really across the UK, and even on the drive over to Scarborough the sun was shining. As soon as we got within a hair’s breadth of the seaside resort, however, the thick soup-like fog descendeth. You have got to be kidding! Not today!

We had:-

a) a digger and a tipper and two lovely drivers

b) four men/women with shovels and rakes

c) a flask of coffee

d) hope and faith that the sun would come out!

The fog was so thick at times that we could barely see each other, but we set about laying out a grid of 5 metre squares, using sticks and string, and taping off the beach so that the passers-by wouldn’t be trampled by diggers in the pea-soup mist.

A test ‘toe’ dig proved successful – ie. you could see it from the bridge ok, so we cracked on, and on, and on.

It took us around 5 hours in total to complete the footprint, only stopping to explain to locals and tourists what on earth it was, and why!

Even digger tyre tracks had to be removed, for the perfect photograph.

We finished the dig at around 2pm, and the Press were due to arrive for some pictures. Fog, fog, fog. Then, just as all seemed lost, the sun managed to burn its way through the fog just enough for the photographers to do their work.

There is a god. 

If he’s listening, could he please send me a masseur? My back ain’t arf sore today!!!

Ginormous footprint in the sand – easy. Now please sign up for my website…….?

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