Site becomes FREE for all users

This week began with a major debate about the pricing model for the website. Registrations have been slow to get going (as expected), so we seem to have concluded that the only true way to test whether the idea will catch on is to make it a FREE access model.

This has been a tricky decision and has caused me many sleepless nights Рattracting customers is certainly our primary aim, but with a free model we then need to work hard to create revenue streams from other sources. Still, it seems to be what people expect, so we have chosen to make the site free.

The 3 month trial period has been removed and everyone (including existing subscribers) can access all of the site’s functionality without paying an annual fee.

Since it is storage which costs us money, we have decided to cap the storage limits within the free account to 150mb – this is ample to make a good, full lifeline, and further storage can then be purchased at a low rate to build more, fuller lifelines later.

This has caused much angst, so I hope it’s the right decision for our existing and¬†prospective customers!

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