Getting some press!

Call me naive, but I had NO idea how difficult it was being a very small voice in a very large media tunnel.

I have realised that no one really wants to talk to me – the reality is that magazine editors are deluged with tons of crappy ‘wannabes’ hawking their second rate products through PR. It’s no wonder that they can’t sort the wheat from the chaff easily.

For every 100 emails I’ve sent, maybe one lucky break hits the mark, and the effort starts to pay dividends. But when it happens, what a buzz!

I actually punched the air when Prima magazine said they loved the website and wanted to write an article about it. Picture the scene – me in my shabby home-office with a cup of cold tea, neck-ache from too much typing on a non-ergonomic desk (these are the ‘elf and safety workplace trivialities I actually DO miss from my former corporate existence – who knew?!), when I get a call from Prima asking for a chat. OMG they love it! And today I purchased a copy of said magazine, Feb 2011 edition. I am on page 75 to be precise, looking extremely young. Buy it. One good turn deserves another.

So now I bite my nails and wait anxiously to see if ANYONE will register to the site as a result! If there is a God…..

The one thing I said I wouldn’t really want to do when I began this business was ‘sell’. Sadly, selling is currently 100% of the job. Bummer. I should have gone on The Apprentice.


One response to “Getting some press!

  1. Your site is publicised in the February 2011 edition of Family History Monthly. The write up is good, and I will explore your site before committing. I woul like to explore a sample timeline to see how family events etc fit in with the wider picture.

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