To party or not to party?

It’s funny looking back – my first son celebrated each and every birthday in style.

We have certainly adopted a range of alter-egos over the years! Mostly related to super-heroism of some kind, but all terribly macho and boyish. It’s a wonder any of the girls we invited ever came to his parties!

We have been Darth Vader, Batman, Mr Incredible (I actually had to take him to the cinema dressed like this, so enamoured was he of that particular movie!) and a brief period of Spiderman in there somewhere.

We have Halloween’d, treasure hunted, pinata’d and sausage-roll’d our way through 11 years, and now we’re (I quote) “not bovvered.”

So I turn my attentions to the wee one in the house. Just about to turn 4 and never had a party yet. Am I cruel? He hasn’t ever really had the same circle of friends as his big bro, so who would we have invited?¬† There is, however, a growing harem emerging at Nursery. Ollie is pretty much the only boy amongst a sea of little girls, so maybe we should have a Barbie themed party?! Would he buy it? If you knew Ollie,

you would realise that this is a ridiculous suggestion. He has 2 power ranger outfits, a ninja turtle, Darth Vader and Batman (inherited of course), most of which fit him where they touch since my son is freakishly large for his age. So pink isn’t going to cut it.

I shall consult the interweb oracle for party ideas which transcend gender and size. I shall fill their faces with food, run them ragged and send them home begging for mercy.

You shall go to the ball this year, Ollie.

If all else fails, I shall revert to the coupling which has served mothers well for many  generation Рpizza and pass the parcel!!

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