A weekend of lurv

It started with the romantic setting of Ripon Cathedral. A Wedding Fair in this historic and truly beautiful, impressive building.

Ripon Wedding Fair

Now, what could be more romantic than a Wedding Fair on Valentine’s weekend? Or so I thought. In reality, whilst there is no hardship at all in spending the weekend chatting with gushing brides-to-be, there is a slightly less glamorous side to the whole affair. Picture the scene – on my left side is a company selling wedding videos. As one might expect, they show samples of their work on a big screen. Let’s just say that I am now word-perfect with Enrique Eglesias’ “Hero”, and not far off with a couple of other songs too.

To add insult to injury, a ‘swing’ (the music genre not the car key variety) vocalist decided to set up camp on the steps to the library, to my right. Every so often both were competing for my attention simultaneously. My ear holes were jangling. And THEN the catwalk show started! Rampant strains of “My Guy” blasted from the Nave of the cathedral, eclipsing all other efforts.

About this cat walk show I can say but one thing, and I will choose my words carefully here. They had selected the most boobilicious models I have ever clapped eyes on. One particularly well-blessed girl had been squeezed into a strapless wedding gown at least 2 sizes too small. Suffice to say that I witnessed a good deal of nudging in the audience, as the real brides-to-be attempted to distract their fiances from the eye-popping spectacle. Such fleshliness and carnality in the most virginal of settings. It cheered me right up!

The Fair was a great success and it was a joy watching the excitement and anticipation on the faces of the families looking around.

And then to Valentine’s. This weekend offers me an unrivalled opportunity to indulge in romanticism, even though I back away from the commercial racketeering of Valentine’s under normal circumstances, as it also plays host to the date of my hubby’s birthday. We enjoyed a candlelit dinner and listened to live jazz, with a bottle of fizz for company. Lovely.

The highlight of the whole weekend? The Fair? No. The dinner? No. The birthday, or the Valentine dinner my husband cooked for us on the 14th? None of the above. The best part of all was the moment when our 4 year old, returning from nursery, presented me with a beautiful hand made Valentine’s card which he had carefully put together. Inside he had written, all by himself, “I love you”. Aaawwwwww. That’s a lurv that cannot be replicated.

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