I love being a mummy

I have to confess that I took my mum for granted. Don’t we all?

And then she went and died. Would that we could turn back the clock.

If we could, then today I would be in full-on craft mode. I would be fashioning my mother some kind of elaborate, daffodil-laden, cardboard-and-sticky-back-plastic creation for Mother’s Day.

Inside it, I would write messages of love and appreciation for her softness, warmth and humour.

I would wake her on Sunday with a dive on her bed  (let’s, for the sake of argument, assume I have retained my child-like form so as not to crush the poor woman) and a wet kiss. We would eat bacon sandwiches together and I would bring her tea on a tray with a flower from the garden.

So why the heck didn’t I do this 30 years ago before it was too late?

family album mothers day

The irony of youth = the irony of motherhood. It’s not technically a mathematical equation, but consider this. When you are a child, you have no real interest in anything but yourself, in the here and now, and so you do not stop to savour the things which are transient and will be lost. When you are a mother, the times you treasure the most and long for are these same days, when your child is small and has absolutely no appreciation of what you actually do for them, or the depth of the love which you feel for them. A cruel fate, methinks.

And so I look at Mother’s Day with fresh eyes these days. I have two children of my own now, growing quickly, and I try to breathe them in every day. We laugh and hug a lot. These are the memories of softness and warmth I want them to recall when I am gone.

And just in case they are one day interested, I track our day to day adventures on the http://www.SaveEveryStep digital scrapbook. We each have our own timeline, and the boys’ growth, development and antics are all recorded in chronological order for them to appreciate at a later date – the gift of their lifetime on a timeline!

There are some things which I throw away – old bills, clothes which the boys have grown out of, old birthday cards etc. But there is one thing I always keep, and always will. My Mother’s Day hand made presents from my little men.

Online scrapbook mothers day portrait Online scrapbook O handprint mothers day

Have a fabulous Mothering Sunday. Cherish every moment for your clan at http://www.SaveEveryStep.com, for free.

Life’s a Journey, SaveEveryStep!

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