3 memories to make you feel young again

As long as you avoid mirrors (and bathroom scales), I have found that I can still keep up the pretence of feeling the same way as I did at 25, even though I am undeniably in my mid-forties.

Have a crack at these to lighten the load, to un-grey your hair and to take you swooning back in time to the days of your youth.

1. Go to a live gig.

This wasn’t even on my radar until Tuesday night when I dragged a reluctant old man (my husband) to a Take That concert. The tickets had been purchased in a heady moment of impulsiveness some months back. I had, I admit, got caught up in the frenzy of website-crashing as the tickets went on sale and sold out within 12 seconds or something equally daft.

But wow, what a gig! I confess to some “how the hell is she going to stand all night in THOSE shoes?” senior moments, and to feeling slightly self-conscious about my own arm-waving and screaming, but what the hell?! It was amazing.

Memories of gig - Take That Progress Tour

Come on, watch this video and tell me you’re not back in 1992 wearing shoulder pads……


Life’s a Journey, SaveEveryStep at www.saveeverystep.com, for free.

2. Take a picture of your child and then find one of you at about the same age.

How funny is that?

Of course, you may find that, like me, your child bears absolutely no resemblance to you at all. Not to worry. If you are a man, don’t think about it too hard. If you are a mummy and actually gave birth to this child, remember that there is absolutely no appreciation for you or the things you do for your offspring either during the agonising hours of childbirth, now, or until they around the age of 30 (or you are dead), so just deal with it.

Memories of family likenessmemories of family likeness

Life’s a Journey, SaveEveryStep at www.saveeverystep.com, for free.

3. Get an old passport out.

Check out the photos first – I have some real corkers, but this is my favourite from about 1985 at a guess. My Lady Di period.

Old family photos

Guaranteed to take you back not only to rare and wonderful bad fashion mistakes, but also the vanity of youth, the changing landscapes of time, hair styles past and present, and the places you may have visited.

Memories and nostalgia to treasure.

Anyone feeling the years drift away yet? Or have you already forgotten what the question was?

Life’s a Journey, SaveEveryStep at www.saveeverystep.com, for free.

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