Photographic Family Histories – getting your memories in order

“Whatever a man’s age, he can reduce it several years by putting a bright-coloured flower in his button-hole.”

Need a little help making your family photos reflect your family life story? Made your life story but need help adding colour to it? is specifically designed to enable you to turn your jumbled albums of family photos from years gone by into chronological photographic family histories. The memories of your lifetime can be placed, in the order they happened, along a timeline, to reflect your life story in words and pictures.

If you’re not already registered, you can do so and use the site for FREE at Here are a few tips for making the most of your media on the site, and to help you get started……

Family life stories on a timeline
Your Lifeline will be automatically created for you when you register. Although your timeline can make a wonderful family ‘journal’ without any media, it truly comes to life once it is populated and enriched with your photographic family memories.

Remember that your FREE account allows you a very generous 100mb of storage space – that’s a lot of photos, so get uploading! Your family photos are even compressed in size so that you can maximise the use of this space.

SaveEveryStep is structured to enable you to have flexibility around how you store and share your media. Your timeline is the part of the site which is sharable, so any family photos which you want to share should be added here. If you simply want to use the site as a back-up to store your family photos, then the Vault area is completely private and allows you to organise your media into alphabetised albums. More on both of these below.

There a special memories in all our lives which show our growth and the represent our family histories…

Family photos of Family histories

The Lifeline is made up of a series of individual Event ‘tabs’, which are miniature versions of each memory/occasion in your life which you have chosen to record. Events are placed chronologically in date order, from the day you were born to present.

Each tab will open into a full page Event, like the example below, where your story can be told with the words and pictures side by side. There is room for unlimited narrative below the slideshow.
Memories and family photos

The Lifeline itself will carry a single ‘thumbnail’ preview of the photographs contained within an Event. Once the Event page is opened, the slide show of unlimited pictures can be displayed either in small-screen or large-screen format.

Once you have created an Event (by using the little Calendar ikon), you can populate it with your photos, as follows:-

To add photos directly to the Event, select the ‘Upload New Media’ option. This will open up a Browser, from where you can navigate to, and select the desired picture from your PC or Camera. A picture needs to be less than 5mb in size or it’s simply too cumbersome. The smaller the picture, the faster the upload! Tick the little ‘upload more photos after this one’ box if you want to add multiples. JPEG, GIF, PNG are all usual acceptable file types.

As well as being added to the Lifeline Event, the photo will be stored in your Vault albums.

You will also need to decide whether you want each photo to be visible to others or not as you upload. There are 3 privacy levels to choose from – private, public or ‘connections only’. Remember you can make a single photo private, or a whole Event or whole Lifeline. If your Event is private, the whole thing will be invisible to others when they view your Lifeline – only your login will make it visible. It’s really a question of choosing which, if any photos you want to hide!

Your photos will be available to view immediately within the Event page.

The Vault

If you prefer, you can upload all your family photos to the Vault albums first – you can create albums and simply store them there ad infinitum, or then go on to create an Event and add them to your timeline too. To store them here, go to the Vault (padlock ikon) and select ‘MyMedia’. You can create albums here based around subject matters, people, Events, dates or however you choose to organise your stuff. They will automatically be listed in alphabetical order for you as they grow in number.

This is how your album covers will look. Click to view the family photos within each album, or to upload more stuff.
Photographic family histories

Open or create the desired album you want to add photos to. A similar Browser function to that described above will appear. Upload merrily! Although your albums are entirely private (no one can access your Vault without your personal username and password), it will ask you to choose a privacy level for the photo. This is incase you want to add it to your Lifeline later. You can also choose which picture you would like as the Album Cover thumbnail.

Good news! Your Vault Albums are capable of storing more media types than the Lifeline/Events (which can currently only take photos). Here you can embed YouTube videos by pasting across the video code. You can also upload Word or Powerpoint type documents. Albums can contain mixed media, or you can create separate albums for video if you want to.

We hope to bring full Lifeline video upload to you at some point in the future, so watch this space.

I do hope that this guide sets you on the path to enrichment!  Your life story and the memories of your times together as a family will one day be a precious gift to your children. They won’t ask you the questions you wish you had asked your parents until the memories are faded and the faces forgotten, so start recording your memories now, and create your own digital photographic version of your personal family histories at SaveEveryStep, for free….

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