Kids get all snappy on me

I love photography. My husband loves photography. The camera is never far from someone’s face in our house.

My sons are both showing signs that they have artistic tendencies, so I encourage them to take control occasionally.

I am, after all in the business of making and saving memories, so it would be remiss of me not to allow my children to create their own now, wouldn’t it?

Warning – relinquishing the (large and expensive camera) to a 4 and 11 year old requires guts and self-control. My youngest has his mother’s accident prone gene, for starters.

Anyway, here are some of their greatest works.

My eldest is getting pretty good. He even has his own first digital camera now. Needs to learn to NOT shake, but this is a pretty good shot of his little bro on the high ropes on holiday in France recently.

Family Photo memories

This rather lovely pose was on Father’s Day. Little man iwas enjoying  a ‘nice cup of tea’ as we took dad out for breakfast. Big bro took this shot.

Family photo memories

My 4 year old rather sees himself as a YouTube hero. He prefers moving pictures, and regularly films himself carrying out a ‘toy review’ which he confidently acts out in an American accent. I shall spare you the pain directly here, but feel free to check the little monkey out on YouTube at

For now, however, I shall present to you his latest still life. These are Dandy & Rosie, our two Border Terriers, fresh from a haircut.

Family photo memoriesNot bad for a 4 year old!

I am always relieved to have the camera back in safe hands, but will continue to encourage their creative exploration as we make our memories together over the years to come.

One day they will undoubtedly look back at their Lifelines in the knowledge that these were their own special memories of a time in their lives when worries were few, summers were long, and mum and dad were young.

Register and use for free and preserve your family memories in chronological order on an interactive timeline, for a future generation’s enjoyment.

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