My life story in pictures

My life story in photosMy life story in photos

My life story in photosSMy life story in photoso I am sitting here looking at pictures of my kids. I am wondering whether there was a time when my own mother did this very same thing. No computers of course back then but a series of oddly square-shaped small photos laid out in awful sticky album pages.

My life story in photosMy life story in photosLife has a funny way of catching up with you. I still feel pretty much the same as I did in the photos of me at 20. Sure, I can no longer pretend that I look the same, and my kids’ music seems WAY too loud these days, but how the heck did 44 years pass without me noticing? And look – I actually have kids of my own! When did that happen?!

MY life story in photosMy life story in photosSomehow I went from passenger to driver. Without even passing a test!

So this post is to celebrate my fleeting life to date. 1967 to 2011 in a photographic instant. It may not have been an exciting life, but it’s mine, and I have seen hills and valleys along the way.

There have been romances, and more than a little heartbreak. I have run the gauntlet of love over the years. I have loved and been loved. Marriage, divorce, marriage……Two beautiful baby boys and two step-children. My life story in photosMy life story in photosDifficulties and joy. The loss of a mother and the eternal hole this leaves in one’s soul. There have been homes, cars, friends, jobs and laughter. There has been travel and adventure. I am the richer for it all.

I studied hard and gained my independence early. I worked my way through jobs that bored me until I found places that challenged and inspired me. I have my mother’s itch and I simply have to scratch it.

I have been lucky – parents that cherished me, good schools and security. There is nothing special about me, but the people I have chosen to share my life with have made me feel that I am. I only hope that my children will know how special they truly are.My life story in photosMy life story in photos

Celebrate every second and don’t forget a single thing. One day, way too soon, you’ll be gone and your family will curse the fact that they didn’t ask you the questions about your life which will give them solace.

Remember to capture it all in the order it happened, for free at SaveEveryStep.

My life story in photos

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