What did you do this week?

Ok, peeps, I am putting my foot down. Ouch.

Now, I know that you understand the importance of a family memory. After all, you saved that picture of your little one’s Nativity play, right? And the holiday pictures that you printed and framed from your best travels are up in the hallway as a reminder of sweet times, yes?

So why is it that you haven’t yet put aside an hour to get to grips with the task of preserving your family’s most precious possessions in a way that will act as a legacy for future generations? Click on the link immediately (bossy, eh?) to get started, for free.

Let me tell you a little story – I hope to spur you on.

family Memories letter to santaThis is a letter I wrote to Santa when I was about 6 years old. My Mum must have saved it, whether it was for her benefit or mine I will never know. She passed away 5 years ago and I found it in a box of ‘stuff’ that she had been keeping for me since my childhood. I am now 44 years old. To be honest, this discovery would have been a precious one at any age for me as an adult, but it holds a special poignancy for me now that she is no longer here. It is a bit of paper that connects me with her, and the love she must have felt for me on that day, almost 40 years ago, when I brought it proudly home from school.

The moral of this short story is as follows:-

Your family need your memories. You are the only one who can pass them on. Do it.

If you’re already registered to SaveEveryStep, I’m guessing that you already intend to preserve some of those family memories from times past or present. Am I right? It can be a little baffling, the thought of saving the memories of a whole life already lived, but it’s easy and, more importantly, vital, that we do it for our children’s sake.

So I am guessing that some of you could use a little boost to get started, therefore I ask you – “what did you do this week?”

Just start there. The memories are clear, the photos are probably still in the camera/phone, and you can knock out a quick ‘event’ on your Lifeline in nano-seconds!

And for those of you already in the swing, Come on, show us your face! Let your friends and family know you’re out there and get them engaged in this too – after all, it’s a family obligation. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add a photo to your profile.

Pass us on please!!! To tell Friends & Family about us, you can either:-

1. Press the little ‘share’ button below

2. Use the ‘share’ button on the front page of the SaveEveryStep site

3. Go to our Facebook page  – get those likes up to 1000 so that I can give away a lifetime’s membership!

4. If Twitter’s your thing, then give us a mention – @saveeverystep

Oh, and one last thing…..take this quick poll  if you have a second, thanks!!

Life’s a Journey, http://www.SaveEveryStep.com!

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