Baby Shoes, revisited 12 years on

family storiesI just found these in a box, alongside a picture of the little man in question wearing them.

These were George’s first ever shoes. I saved them. I am indeed a sentimental old fool, but who could part with such a symbol of the great ‘walking’ milestone?

From baby to almost-hairy man in such a seemingly meteoric amount of time. Feet no longer cute or indeed kissable. Willingness to be kissed similarly dissipated.

I cannot think that I shall ever let these go.

Life’s a journey, save every Step (metaphorically and literally).

family stories first shoes

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10 responses to “Baby Shoes, revisited 12 years on

  1. Aw how lovely. My Mum kept mine so I’ve kept my kids’ too. Just put my little boys first pair away actually. Looks like i need to savour every second of him being ‘little’ then! x

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