Mobile Memories

Instagram is an awesome little bit of kit.

In spite of the fact that we own a very expensive camera, I tend to find that I take the vast majority of our photos on the iPhone these days, and beautify them in seconds.

Life happens in an instant, and modern technology means that we don’t need to miss a beat.

Here’s one of many of my fave recent Instagram pictures, just for the fun of joining in ‘the Gallery’ over at Sticky Fingers’ blog. It’s me and Ollie, just about to fall down a cliff backwards because he’s squeezing too tight…..

Snapseed is an equally good toy, by the way.

Check out my new weekly Blog series “Life’s a journey”, which began this week. Each week we will revisit a memory from the years of our lives, whether from childhood, growing milestones, or simply poignant family stories we’ve all experienced at some time or another. Subscribe to our feed to make sure you get the prompts each week.

Life’s a journey, SaveEveryStep.

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10 responses to “Mobile Memories

  1. What a great picture! Thanks for the recommendation for 100 cameras in one – am off to have a look at it now!

    • Cool! (I reaaly must stop saying that – my 12 year old keeps telling me it’s the most UNcool thing I could possibly say). Beast! (That’s better.) Thx so much for saying hi

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