The hand-me-down kid

family stories hand me downThis photo was taken in 2009 when Georgie was 9 years old.  The coat was beginning to become one of those things which only Losers wear. Not cool. Makes me itch. Rather be wet. You know the sort of thing.

Such a good coat I saved it for his wee brother, then aged 2. Hmmmmm. Number two son happens to be of monster proportions. He is destined for the Front Row in the Rugby First 11. So, here we are, aged soon-to-be-5 and wearing the same stories hand me down

Poor Ollie, by virtue of his enormity, has become the hand-me-down kid. On paper, a 7 year age gap should have saved him from this indignity, but no.  A combination of maternal thrift and plain common sense has led him to this inevitable place.

We have second-hand school uniform. Second hand hats and gloves. Even, in a few cases, second-hand knickers. He never complains. Blissfully unaware of his largeness.

I am considering whether to cease feeding him. I fear that by the time he is 6 he could be actually SHARING his teenage brother’s wardrobe.

Anyone else do the hand-me-down thing?

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11 responses to “The hand-me-down kid

  1. Well it’s tricky given that I have a girl and a boy. However, he has been known to wear her old plain t shirts (not pink) and he was once put to bed in a pink sleepsuit, all of the others having succumbed to a rather nasty tummy bug!

    • Pink sleepsuit….nice! There comes an age when that cannot happen any more. Daddy will put a stop to it. They can’t help it, it’s a caveman instinct. Thanks for popping in!!!

  2. Oh my, yes! I not only was a hand-me-down kid, I had hand me-down-kids & now grandkids! I’m the third of 4 girls (there were also 3 boys), so I rarely got anything new, from dresses to socks to underwear, if it was still in one piece, it was handed down! We also got a box of clothes from a neighbor each year. Their daughter was the same age as my oldest sister & they were much better off financially they we were. She got a whole new wardrobe for the beginning of school each year & we got the old ones. The year I started high school, there was a coat in that box that fit me perfectly & I needed a coat badly, but I HATED that coat! I actually convinced my mom to let me get a new one if I’d contribute part of the cost from my babysitting money. Because we were at least an hour’s drive from a city big enough to do any shopping, there was going to be one chance to get my coat. I couldn’t find one I really liked that we could afford & after going to the 2 stores in town, Mom gave up & said “Forget it”. I ended up wearing that ugly, off white wrap coat for the next 3 years, then it went to my younger sister, who didn’t like it any more than I did, but also wore it for at least 3 yrs! I have pictures of her in it & I still (50 yrs later) think it’s totally ugly!

    I had 3 girls of my own, along with 2 boys, & even though there were several years between each of the girls, I was raised to never throw anything useful away, so they also got the hand me downs. The boys were 3 yrs apart, so they also got a few hand me downs, but moslty, they wore everything out before they outgrew them.

    Since my oldest girl was 12 when the youngest was born, I saved the youngest girl’s things for the anticipated grandkids! The first grandchild was a boy & those dresses just didn’t appeal to his mom, so they went back in the trunk! By the time the first granddaughter was born, 5 yrs later, I’d decided most of them were just too outdated. at anywhere from 18-30 yrs old, so I gave them to the youngest daughter (who doesn’t have any kids) as keepsakes. My granddaughters are only 19 months apart, so the younger one also got to be a hand-me-down kid for a few years until she got to be both taller & heavier than her cousin!

    I now have 2 great grandkids, a 3-yr-old girl & 1 yr-old-boy, but since the granddaughters are still young teens, I think the hand-me-down chain has at last been broken! I don’t think young people of today are as into saving things as we children of the 1950s & 60s were!

    • I think you’re right. Thrift was necessary back then, more so than today. I find it really funny that, having hated being a hand-me-down kid so much, you then spent a lifetime doing it to your kids, grandkids and great grand-kids. Hilarious!!!!! Well done on being such a tech-savvy great grandma though!!!!! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Love hand me downs! My 6 year old has a few “vintage” boden pieces from my now 17 year old god-daughter! I love them, and they are timeless! Emma :)

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