Motivation Monday – Declaring War on The War

My photography resolution for the next few weeks does not involve the camera.

It’s a War on scanning. Me versus the black machine and a large pile of precious letters from World War II.

I have determined that I will take each of these carefully catalogued heirlooms (in date order, by my Dad) and scan it on to my hard drive, with care and affection.

Once scanned, I aim to serialise these most treasured of letters, which will be a labour of love (and deep emotion no doubt) on my Blog and Twitter.

Their contents are a rich stream of stories home from the war, by a boy no more than 18 years old, to his mother, who happened to be my Nan. They continue over a 4 year period, beyond the war’s end, and tell of his love for a young girl (too young to be getting married) and his ultimate, terrible, and tragic demise.

I aim to do justice to the boy who was Joe, my Uncle, whom I never met. I hope you will stop by and read about his story.

This is my resolution and it will be my privilege to keep it.

To read the story behind these letters, visit an old post here. For other letters from the war, check out the stories of the Nelson Family from Minnesota.

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10 responses to “Motivation Monday – Declaring War on The War

  1. Best of luck with this project. I have also recently been cataloging items in my personal collection so I know what you are undertaking, but it will be well worth your time. I look forward to reading the letters along with you!

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