Blog 101: Things that send me into an irrational state of bonkers

Perhaps it’s Nature, or maybe it’s Nurture, but I was raised to talk proper and since I went to a Grammar School it would seem unfortunate if I didn’t adhere to at least some of the rules of the Queen’s English.

For some unfathomable reason, there is one particular area which never fails to ignite my inner torch, and that’s the Apostrophe Criminals.

As far as I can tell, they fall in to two main groups:-

family stories apostrophe1. People who suffer from ‘Apostrophe Tourette’s’

These people seem outwardly normal, but when they put pen to paper they feel a s’udden compuls’ion to place an apos’trophe every time they s’ee the letter ‘S’. It just s’ort of get’s BLURTED out from their pen onto the paper like a machine gun. Pres’umably the reas’oning behind this’ is’ the fact that they’d rather have too many than too few. At leas’t if you put one in, you have a 50/50 chance of being right? Especially if the word ends in an ‘S’.

2. At the other end of the scale are the ‘Apostrophe Phobics’

These are the folk who belong to the bury-ones-head-in-the-sand brigade. It doesnt matter whether the sentence contains any omission (letters family stories apostrophemissing in a form of abbreviation, e.g. I have = Ive) or possession (Johns dog), there will never be an apostrophe in sight.

But. For the Love of All Things Holy, don’t start up a Sign business unless you know how to handle the little curly fellas.

family stories apostrophe

6 responses to “Blog 101: Things that send me into an irrational state of bonkers

  1. Haha! I went to a grammar school also, so this drives me crazy as well! Unless it IS something, it shouldn’t be shortened! Or belonging to someone of course. It’s the little things in life ;)

  2. Looks like things are similar there to what we see in the US! I get so frustrated at the number of students who graduate high school or college with NO idea of how to speak or write properly! Having grown up in the 1950s when grammer, language, & proper use of both was mandatory & highly stressed, I hate the constant “ya know”, “like” after every other word, the lack of ability to put together a proper sentence & the total misuse of so many words! “Bring it” when they mean “take it”, putting something on “the ground” instead of “the floor” when you’re inside, etc.

    • Ha!!!!! I can feel you seething! I decided not to rant too much, but it also drives me mad that they don’t seem to teach kids basic geography any more. “Can you show me Africa on this map?” Duh. No idea. Maybe the things that we were taught as important just aren’t see that way any more. We need a teacher to help us out!!!

  3. OMG I literally gasped when I saw “SIGN’S.” And yes, I mean literally, not figuratively. ;)

    BRB, beating my head against a wall.

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