Degrees of Lightness

Light is the breaking of the dawn

Light is the load when you are just born

Light is a place without any fear

Light is when your lover is near

Light is a heart that’s open and free

Light is a place where truth you can see

Light is a feeling that’s good

Light is when everything’s clear, understood

Light is the absence of dark

Light is a summer picnic in the park

Light is just simply walking on air

Light is what makes the shine in her hair

Light is what warms and what feeds

Light is not having any more needs

Light is a magical feeling inside

Light is the side of the street to reside

Light is always and always will be

Light is what joins us, him you and me.

David Taylor, 1956.

Thanks to Sticky Fingers’ Gallery for the excuse to revisit some old pics. Always a pleasure, never a chore.

22 responses to “Degrees of Lightness

  1. stunning photos paired so well with the words of David Taylor – I’m so glad that I randomly chose your post to look at tonight. Thank you for sharing

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