‘Blue': Girl Guides, Revisited (Life’s a Journey, week 11)

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I noticed last week that the Girl Guide movement in the US were celebrating their 100th anniversary. Awesome. And then I remembered that I had IT.

I rummaged around my closet and found the hat. Then, a search was initiated for the shirt. Ransacked and spent, I emerged from the debris triumphant.

What next transpired gave me one of the best giggles I’ve had for some months.

family storiesFor some unknown reason (all the more insane given the fact that I have not held the schoolgirl curves which I had at the age of 15 for some decades) I decided to try it on. Let’s just say that it was more than a little snug.

I was caught in the act by my 5 year old son who immediately piped up, “Mom! Were you in the Army?!!” His reason for thinking thus was due, in no small part, to the fact that I was, at the moment he entered the room, taking a photograph of myself mid-‘DibDibDob’ salute. Em. Barrassing…..

I decided to embrace the situation and a mini photoshoot followed, featuring me and my over-stretched buttons, mothballed hat, and small child, in various positions, attempting to find the best angle to display my impressive arm full of badges. family stories

I did find myself thinking that this ridiculous display of stupidity may have had something to do with the reason I never actually made it to Queen’s Guide. That, and the fact that no sixteen year old girl in the mid 80s could possibly ‘pull’ a member of Duran Duran wearing a semi-military uniform and comfy shoes.

I promised, once upon a day, that I would do my best, do my duty to God and to the Queen, help other people and keep the Girl Guide Law. (I haven’t even had to Google that – it’s indelibly etched on my brain). I have tried to do my best in many things. I have failed miserably with God and her Majestical Majesty, and I can’t even remember what the Girl Guide Law is. But I did keep Old Blue, and its memories are a valued part of my family stories to pass on to the next generation.

family storiesfamily storiesJust for good measure, here’s my Brownie pic. I think I peaked at the age of 8, as Sixer of the Pixies. Nuff said.family stories

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44 responses to “‘Blue': Girl Guides, Revisited (Life’s a Journey, week 11)

  1. Ha ha that’s brilliant! Luckily I don’t have anything remaining from my school days because if I did they would be more than snug!! Crikey, I dread to think. Fair play to you and a great post!

  2. Brilliant !! Although I was never a Girl Guide, my daughter is now in Rangers. She has all her old uniforms and plans to keep them ‘forever’. So maybe in 20 years she she can take photo of herself in one of her ‘old’ uniforms. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I was in sparks, and then brownies. When I was in brownies I attended a summer camp at a lake somewhere. Here is my story and memory of the Girl Guides of Canada…
    About a week into the 2 week long camp I started feeling sick. They took me to the doctor they had at the camp. He took my temperature (which was at this time slightly elevated) and concluded that I was “home sick” and maybe coming down with a bit of a cold. He gave me cough syrup and sent me back to my cabin. 2 days later I was feeling worse, and asked if they could just send me home. They refused, and didn’t even let me CALL my parents to tell them I was sick. Not only that, my older sister was in the guides camp at the same location (but on the other side of the camp) and they wouldn’t even let me go talk to her. I was sick and scared and they wouldn’t even let me talk to my family.
    During the remainder of the camp, I kept getting sicker and sicker but they did NOTHING. The doctor just kept saying that I had a cold and was homesick.
    The last day of camp came and I was so sick and weak that a fellow brownie in my cabin had to help me pack up my things and get to the bus. Once on the trip home, I guess the motion of the bus made me worse because while we were driving I passed out. I don’t remember anything past getting onto the bus, but my mother told me countless times what happened after the bus arrived.
    I was unconscious and convulsing, they had to carry me off the bus. My mom then took me directly to the hospital, what the counsellors at the camp should have done in the first place. Upon arrival at the hospital they took me into the ER immediately. I had a fever of 105 degrees, signs of an obvious severe infection somewhere.
    After a barrage of tests, the doctor found out that I had glomerulonephritis. I had caught a bladder/kidney infection from swimming in the dirty lake at the the camp. Because it wasn’t found or treated, it progressed into glomerlonephritis, causing extreme pain, kidney inflammation and scarring. The doctors put me on IV antibiotics and I was only okay to go home after about a week.
    The following 10 years of my life were littered with many sever kidney and bladder infections due to the scarring in my kidneys. I can’t even describe the pain to you.
    I don’t get the infections quite as severe as I used to, but they are still occurring a few times a year.
    I’ve had many people suggest I sue them, but I have no interest in taking money from a charity that relies solely on donations. Not to mention there is probably some statute of limitations I am passed now. I just want to get my story out there so people know that these kinds of things happen.
    Just because you are sending your child away to a well known organization, doesn’t mean they will be okay. Doesn’t mean they won’t get sick. Doesn’t mean they will get proper medical care even if they do get sick.
    If you send your kid away to camp this summer, make sure you keep in contact with them as well as a coordinator or counsellor at the camp.

    • OMG I am so in shock! It’s a parent’s worst nightmare!!! I have such happy innocent memories of Guides, but yours must be so traumatic!!! Thanks so much for sharing them here!!!!

    • Oh. My. God. I am shocked as well. As a RN, I know that the medical personnel at the camp should be help responsible for being negligent. I am so sorry that this happened to you

    • OMG! That’s awful Natalie! I am pleased to say that all Rainbow/Brownie/Guide Guiders should be a lot more caring and have enough sense to know when to get a child home or to the hospital now.

  4. I’m deeply impressed that you still fit into it at all and I love that you still have it. The brownie pic is very cute, I was a brownie but don’t think anyone took a pic of me in my uniform. Wish they had now.

  5. great post and i love the uniform!
    it’s just so blue…
    i gave up the girl guides – it became way too girlie for me (having filled an arm with badges at brownies i must have been a changed girl!)

  6. You look great! I loved being a brownie, but was not a fan of girl guides. i found that was the age that girls stated to get very catty and I just was not popular enough to fit in. I left a few weeks in.

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