Close Up On a Classic – The ‘Clackers’

I hope you haven’t come here for mind-blowing super-macro photography this week, chaps. You may be disappointed. This is an in-depth delve into the social history of Clackers. Homage to 1971. You are most welcome.

family stories

Or, if you are from the US, Klackers.

Or, if you hail from Germany,
Or, if you are from some Eastern European place ending in ‘grad’, Popper-Knockers (oo, er, missus). Ker Bangers.

Remember them? The incredibly dangerous toy that every kid in the western world possessed? Think ‘Conkers’ but with two dangling, cherry-like balls on two strings joined at the top, made of sturdy, wrist-cracking glass.

Sadly, such a large proportion of the aforementioned western world succumbed to major eye injuries that the original glass version of the toy was banned, to be replaced by a plastic usurper. Bloody wusses.

This fine lady (who gives off the crafty impression that she may not have ‘clacked’ her knockers for many a good year), does an awesome impression of a world champ.

I never reached the heady heights of actual rotation. I aspired to be able to ‘clack’ whilst looking at my own arse, whilst undertaking the ‘ Super-Pro ‘ position. Awesome. It was not to be. I couldn’t do an Underpass under my Underpass without the danger of my parents being hauled in for quizzing over heinous, inexplicable stories

Did anyone out there have the Clack Factor? Still got it? Or even better, care to prove it…?

Having fun via the Gallery, blatantly using the ‘close up’ theme to revel in my own memories and family stories!

Watch this space for more of these amazing insights into classic blasts from the past. Keep it here, folks. You can’t buy this stuff you know.

Oh, and just for good measure, meet Mike Terry and his Clackers. I have no idea who this lovely gentleman is, or why his Clackers are so famed, but I would really like to find out, so if anyone knows his secret, please leave me a comment. The suspense has been killing me for days.

family stories

25 responses to “Close Up On a Classic – The ‘Clackers’

  1. I have NEVER heard of clackers! You learn a new thing every day, thank you for adding to my education.

  2. I loved the clackers! I can still see my blue, chipped balls that smacked my knuckles to smithereens on a daily basis. Hours of fun with those lethal weapons – they’d be banned from teenagers these days ;)

  3. hahaha, very funny! When I was growing up, we had something similar but the clackers were made of granite or something and they’d make sparks and smell like fire after awhile. I haven’t seen them in a looong time..I think they were discontinued for safety reasons as well :).

  4. I bloody love your blog…from the Girl Guide dress up to now this on Clackers…I adored my clackers, drove my Mum mental because I would stand there and just clack away until she finally threw herself upon me and buried them in the recesses of her Filing Cupboard of ‘Doom!’…nothing that went in there was ever seen again…including my much loved Clackers. I never had an instruction booklet tho’…gutted, the playground would’ve been a funnier place if I had had those! I guess we are the oldies on here, can’t believe some have never experienced them…too bad…hey probably never had a Sheena Doll either!

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