Close Up on a Classic – Eagle Eyed Action Man!

Since I am actually a girl, the best thing about Action Man (or GI Joe if you’re from across the Pond) during my childhood was that I could use him to simulate dolly snogging with my

This was useful in as far as it went, but he was a little too big to start copulating with my Pippa dolls. I mean, ouch. (I resorted, in their case, to cutting off their long hair and drawing felt-tip stubble on to them so that they could serve as pseudo boyfriends for Pips and pals). This is not painting me in a positive light so far is it? Anyway, ploughing on….

family stories

"If I don't move, everything will be fine."

I am guessing the Action Man was snaffled from my big brother’s box of toys. He would have been far too distracted by his seven storey Matchbox carpark (which had been crudely constructed up the stairs in a bid to take out any adult who needed the loo) to notice a missing dolly.

family storiesMy particular favourite AM was this guy. He of the Eagle Eyes. He could look left. He could look right. But for God’s sake, don’t attack him from behind, or he’s royally screwed.

Loving these awesome vintage toys that bring back so many wonderful memories. Anyone else out there who used to play with Action figures?!!

family stories

2 responses to “Close Up on a Classic – Eagle Eyed Action Man!

  1. I used to LOVE Sylvanian Families when I was little. I remember going to my friend’s house and coveting her gorgeous Sylvanian Family house. Hours were spent in her room playing with them. And of course, Playmobil was always very popular.

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