A Dose of Vitamin D for My Self-Esteem

family storiesWell, how nice it is to receive TWO blog nominations for awards from fellow Bloggers in one week!

The charming Joy from The Memories Project has nominated me for a Sunshine Award. This is a ‘tip of the hat’ from a fellow Blogger, intended to recognise “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere” and it means the world to me!

Joy writes about her father, Patrick, who passed away from dementia in December last year.  She records those memories which have stayed with her in her Blog, in tribute to her father.

In spite of the fact that we are separated by several thousand miles and a large ocean, Joy and I have much in common. It was the loss of my Mother which inspired the creation of this Blog and the SaveEveryStep website ( a place where families can preserve their memories, past, present or future, for the next generation).

As Joy so articulately puts it: “I hope The Memories Project serves as inspiration for others to gather and preserve memories and stories of their loved ones now, because you never know when it will be too late.” Hear, hear.

I also received a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award from MirrorWithAMemory, who writes a lovely Antiques Blog. featuring old postcards, furnishings, odds and ends, in fact anything that takes her fancy from the world of Antiques.

Here are the people I am passing these nominations on to, in a kind of ‘Pay it Forward’ way (officially the first ‘chain letter’ to which I have responded in 45 years)….. Check some of them out for a great new read!

family stories

“Kiss me all over. I’m chocolate”

In recognition that the Sunshine Award came from someone within the Alzheimers community, with which I am personally involved in the UK , I’d like to recognise Two Socks On One Foot where this tricky subject matter is handled with great humour and great writing; also Living in the Shadow of Alzheimers, where author Sheri writes about life with Bob (her husband) and ‘Al’ (Alzheimers), from which he suffers. These are not difficult or heavy reading, but witty and inciteful.

On an entirely different subject matter, Photography, I am nominating Nicky from Awesomeville, mainly for her beautiful filtered photos, and (although I am sure she doesn’t need it) Alicia from Project Alicia, because every time I look at her Blog I want to melt – gorgeous pictures and inspiring quotes.

saveeverystep versatile bloggerIf you are a parent and like a Family Blog with a difference, check out Dear Beautiful Boy. It’s the cleanest, prettiest Blog written by Lucy, who has spent a year since the birth of her first son writing to him and photographing his progress for posterity. That’s all it is, pure and simple. And that’s exactly why I am a fan.

If you like to draw, take photographs or explore other crafty pursuits, then Josie at Sleep is for the Weak may be able to inspire you. A lovely mix of her work from her art degree, stories of life as a young single mum and other stuff.

And finally, because I love all things Retro, nostalgia and family history, here are three of the best from those genres..

family stories

Do you remember when you held your first 12 inch?!

Retronaut – vintage pictures, stories and other stuff.

Geneabloggers, where the lovely Thomas MacEntee tirelessly provides us with fuel for our family history passions, including new blogs every week and quirky memes to join in with.

Skooldays, a collection of lists of toys, TV shows, and other retro trivia, that will bring back memories you’d lost in the depths of your handbag, from the 40s to the now.

And here are a few things about me (not my questions) that are a mandatory accompaniment to this Post!

Favorite Color – Beige. Much maligned and underrated.
Favorite Animal – Finger Monkeys (they’re real. Fact. Check ’em out).
Favorite Number – 4. It’s even, divisible and satisfies my slight OCD tendencies.
Favorite Drink – Champagne. Why want what you can actually have?
Facebook or Twitter – Twacebook. Like being asked to choose your favourite child….
Your Passion – Encouraging families to preserve their collective memories as a legacy for their children.
Giving or Getting Presents – Giving. Especially when it’s really a present for you, addressed to him.
Favorite Day – Friday. Crack open a cold one.
Favorite Flowers – Agapanthus, Freesias, Peonies. Blousy and show-offish.

family stories

Uh, no. She so won’t.

The ‘rules’ for these Awards
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it with a link to their Blog
2. Answer the questions above (or just tell them a few things about you for the Versatile Blogger Award)
3. Pass on the award to several fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.

Nice way to end a week.

7 responses to “A Dose of Vitamin D for My Self-Esteem

  1. Awww, thanks for including me. That’s made my day. I’m glad you like my little piece of cyberspace, I know I love it like another baby some days! :) x

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