Old Teen Magazines (‘Life’s a Journey’ Blog Hop, Week 18)

family stories

This post is part of a weekly series of ‘link-up’ Posts which reflect on life’s journey, old memories and family stories (see below for more info).

The long, hot summer of 1976 is about to begin. I have taken my 10 shiny English pence to the local Newsagent shop.

I peruse the shelves of neatly stacked Cherry Spangles and Aniseed Balls, but finally settle on a packet of Sweet Cigarettes. These are a more sophisticated sweet for a young lady of 8 such as what I am.

I still have a whole 6p left to spend. My Mother is not in the shop with me, so I can buy whatever I like. I glance around the shelves looking for the most grown-up thing I can find in this eggs-and-fags corner shop in a scruffy corner of 1970s Birmingham. My eyes fall upon the comics, which I quickly dismiss as childish and move on to the glossy magazines.

And there she is. Jackie. A teenage magazine with a dazzlingly ordinary, working class name. I must make her mine. I gingerly take my two prizes to the till with a face as guilty as if I were buying soft porn, half-expecting to be turned away. But the exchange is completed without drama, and from this moment onwards, Jackie and I are best friends.

With the fickleness that only a teenager could muster, she is eventually cast aside in favour of the awesome ‘Look-In’. With Posters, song lyrics and ‘so much more’, this was truly one of those early celebrity magazines that every teenager lusted after. This TV ad might jog  few memories!

Hands up if you ever spent a school lunch break fantasising that you were in one of those speech bubble photo-stories? Magazines like ‘Patches’ specialised in these real-life comic strips, with stories about boys cheating on girls, and girls being  too shy to do PE because they had boobs, and the ugly girl with the glasses really being a hot, rampant, raven-haired beauty underneath her acne (just like real life for me in my pink NHS specs). It certainly made boyfriends seem awfully complicated from where I stood….! family stories

I know there were other ‘rags’ out there too, some more suitable for an 8 year old audience than others – ‘Blue Jeans’, ‘Bunty’, and ‘Tiger Beat’ to name but a few …….

What are your memories of these old Teen Magazines? Any others that were your favourites? Do get Posting your own nostalgia and share it here with us!!!

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In next week’s Linky we will take a look back at the memory of ‘First Time Motherhood’. It’s a big one, so I hope you will all take the time to write a Post about the feelings and changes which occurred in your life as a result of this incredible experience. No rules, just take the theme and write, then come back and join in with the Blog Hop on Tuesday…

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10 responses to “Old Teen Magazines (‘Life’s a Journey’ Blog Hop, Week 18)

  1. I can’t wait! We had similar magazines. 17 was my fave and I felt the same was buying it… soft porn, that has me still laughing cause I knew exactly as you did!

    • Maybe you can post your own memories one of the weeks and join in the blog hop!! Next week is all about our memories of becoming a mother for the first time….

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