16,425 Mornings

family storiesToday is my Birthday.

I am celebrating it with a clear blue sky and an ever-diminishing number of birthday cards (apparently a direct correlation between increasing number of years and reduction in cards).

I have woken to 16,425 mornings in my life so far.

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For approximately 14,235 of those I simply got on with the day and didn’t look back. These days I am more pensive. I have lost a mother and become a mother. I have reached my peak and climbed over the top. I am declining in to old-ness, so time is precious.

I have woken to the morning 16,425 times.

I have brushed my teeth 32,850 times (well, maybe 32,849).

I have opened the door and failed to see the trees 16,425 times.

I have loaded my washing machine 7,039 times, give or take.

I have said ‘I love you’ to someone at least 50,000 times (45,000 of these since my babies came along, and some to men who frankly weren’t worthy).

I am more than half way to dead, but I am happy. Each morning has a new resonance. I can hear the birds better now. The sun on my face feels warmer, and the aroma of my breakfast coffee is more welcoming this morning.

So this post is to celebrate my fleeting life to date. This is the face that has seen so many mornings, how it looked when it was young, and how it looks when it wakes up these days. Sorry about that.

30 responses to “16,425 Mornings

  1. Happy birthday! Like you I have woke it a bright, sunny but chilly morning. It was 3 degrees in my part of Devon.

    I think there is a catalyst that suddenly makes you reflect on the life lead. I thought my catalyst might be as I turned 40, but no, a year or so later as I realised the professional life I had built was being torn part by an employer who put profit before people & loyalty. Just as I realised that the old biological clock start to slow down and suddenly I was plunged into moments of doubt. Had I got it all wrong?

    I hadn’t, but sometimes we get caught on the gerbil wheel of life & it becomes harder to get off that wheel. I managed it, but with a few bumps & grazes! As I head to another birthday I see changes ahead, & a new challenge for hubby & I, challenges that we are eager to crack on with.

    Have a lovely day, enjoy the sun, drink a coffee & slice of cake in a decadent coffee shop & embrace the achievements.

    • What a fab comment! Life can be a pain in the arse sometimes. I often wonder how to prepare my kids for the fact that school is the BEST of it!! Thanks so much for taking the time. I look forward to seeing you in the Blog Hop each Tuesday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    This is an interesting post, it made me think and wonder about what my number look like.


    Ps… Thank you for the comment on my blog and yes I am the Molly who has trained her kids to make their own pack lunch and wake themselves up in the morning. They also make their own breakfast and have their fair share of household jobs. I have vowed that they will one day leave this house fully functioning human beings who can cook a 3 course meal, manage their money and get from A to B without a car and on a minimal budget. Life is tough, I want them to be ready for that.

  3. I hope that the sun keeps shining all day for you. Happy Birthday, and may you have many more.
    With your positive and cheerful attitude you can look forward to many more happy years.

  4. Happy birthday!!!! :o) Another fab post. I cannot believe that you counted all of this?! I have enjoyed looking at all your photos, and I think you look lovely. xx

  5. Happy Birthday to you, Helen! I hope all the comments you’ve received make up for fewer cards. I thoroughly enjoyed this post – it’s a different way to look at a birthday. I hope yours was fabulous.

  6. Happy Birthday from Cyprus. Much of what you said in your post resonates with me…
    I hope you have a wonderful day, and really enjoyed the way that you responded to the prompt :)

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