‘Life’s a Journey’ weekly nostalgia link-up (theme preview)

This week’s theme will be “Childhood TV Classics”

(Linky to be posted Tuesday, 12th June)

family stories

Monkey Magic

Can you remember the TV shows you watched as a child or teen? This coming week let’s pay tribute to those old show which are such an integral part of the memories from our formative years.

Whether you were a child of the 60s, or the 80s, it really doesn’t matter. Share your memories with us in this weekly Link-Up…

You can write your own Post and share it in the Linky, or just join in the comments. The link will remain open for some time, so come back and join in when you are ready.

About ‘Life’s a Journey’

This is a new weekly series of posts which indulge us in a little reminiscent trip to the heady days of childhood and all things nostalgia.

My obsession is the preservation of our family stories and memories for future generations.  Our children are unlikely to ever ask us about our past until they themselves feel a sense of mortality, by which time it may well be too late, as I found to my cost.

The photographs of family times past may sit in their box, but they lack narrative and context which we are unable to provide since we was either too young to remember the occasion, or simply not there.

It is a parent’s obligation to capture for safe-keeping the memories which we make with our children each and every day as they grow and learn. Our legacy for them.

Each Tuesday we revisit a memory from some part or other of our lives, and the idea is that you join in and do the same!

There will  be moments of laughter, moments of sadness, and probably some fashion fails, but that’s the fun of it.

Post an entry to your own Blog  and use the Linky tool  below each of the weekly themed Posts to add your family stories into the fray. If you like, just leave a comment and join in that way, but do join in.

So far in this series we have reminisced about:-

family stories

1. My earliest baby photo – 10th January 2012

family stories

2. The school portrait – 17th January 2012

family stories

3. Earliest writings, by Helen – 24th January 2012

family stories julie and me

4. Bestest Friends – 31st January 2012

family stories teenage crush5. Teenage Crushes – 7th February 2012

family stories grease movie6. First Movie Memories – 14th February 2012

family stories music

7. The Song You Snogged Your Hand To – 21st February 2012

family stories 2 nans

8. Homage to Grandparents – 28th February 2012

9. Favourite Childhood Books – 6th March 2012

family stories

10. Tying the Knot (again) – 13th March 2012

family stories

11. ‘Blue’. Girl Guides, revisited – 20th March 2012

family stories

12. Cuddly Companions of Yesteryear – 27th March 2012

family stories

13. A Rope, Some Pals and Jelly on a Plate – 3rd April 2012

family stories

14. Pink NHS spectacles, 1975 – 17th April 2012

family stories

15. Regrettable hairstyles of the 1980s : The Mullet – 24th April 2012

family stories

16. The Lo-Tech Times of Childhood – 1st May 2012

family stories

17. Rollermania!  8th May 2012

family stories

18. Old Teen Magazines – 15th May 2012

19. Becoming a Parent – 22nd May 2012

family stories

20. First parent-less holidays – 29th May 2012

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