Family Stories

“FAMILY”. Definition – Ancestry; descendants; lineage; clan…. 

Let me take you to the back-to back slums of Birmingham, 1892.

George Henry Spicer…….

family stories

has married Ellen Harwood.

family stories

Together they had 12 children. One of these children was Lily.

It was 1922 when Lily…..

family stories

….met Tommy.

family stories

Tommy and Lily got married.

family stories

Lily had two baby girls. The youngest they named Jean.

family stories

In 1952, Jean met a boy named Brian.

family stories

Brian and Jean got married.

family stories

Jean had two little babies. The youngest was a girl and they named her Helen.

family stories

This is Helen. Me.

Helen met Bob, and now they have two amazing boys.

family stories

My Family:-  ancestry; descendants; lineage; clan.

Have you written any of your family stories yet? Seriously, what are you waiting for?


37 responses to “Family Stories

  1. Helen this is amazing! I wanted to do something lie this it didn’t have enough photos on me of my past generations. Best post I have seen so far x

    • Inspiring is a first! Thanks. You seriously need to set aside a half hour and try out My advice – just start anywhere. Maybe with the things and people around you right now. Then gradually work backwards. It’s not as time consuming as you think, and SOOO emotionally rewarding! Delighted you stopped by and enjoyed the post.

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  4. Like many before me say I have loads of photos to sort through, I even have my great grandfather’s memoirs to rewrite all I need is a little time and a lot of organisation and the job would be half done. Thanks for inspiring me to at least review the situation

  5. Hi i got the same wedding photo my great grandmother Ada Florence Spicer she the one standing by her Father george henry spicer she got a white hat on she holding her first daughter Joan Pearson

  6. My Great grandmother was Ada, my Nan was Beryl Boden {Pearson}
    You would be my Moms second cousin Nicolette Gormley (Boden).
    From Adas children there is only Diane left alive. My Nan died in 2006
    My Mom remembers Jean very well. Maybe even seen you as a child.
    We live in Northfield. Where are you living.

  7. Hi Im Nickie (Michaels Mom)
    I remember your Grandmother and Mother with fond memories. If you would like I have photos of my Nan (Ada) and our Great Grandmother Ellen. I was born in 1956, Ellen died when i was about 2-3 maybe. She was a lovely happy lady. My Mom adored her. My Nan and your Nan where so alike. Did you ever meet the other Spicer sisters?
    Please email me and i will send you photos and info. Look forward to speaking to you.

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