Teeny bit of language at the bottom of this post, so ask your toddler to step away from the computer and watch Peppa Pig for a bit…

family stories

A lady once told me (and I didn’t even ask her) that my Lifeline was ‘split’. See it? This signified that I would be married more than once.

I really effing hate it when people like that are right.

Apparently our hands say a lot about us.

This one says that I am old enough for the veins to protrude on my hands, even in soft daylight and post-Photoshop. Crap.

family stories

This one says that I am a total clutz and burned myself on a hot pan. Double Crap.

family stories

This one says that I am too busy for manicures. Crappety Crap.

family stories

And this one says that I have finally found love.

family stories

Screw that bloody lifeline.

family stories

One of the very many submissions to The Gallery’s  ‘Family’ theme this week.

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Family Stories

31 responses to “Lifeline

  1. Ha ha this is ruddy brilliant!., such contrast from the unspoilt children’s hands I gave seen so far x

  2. Oh this post is so fab! Brilliant pictures, and I love the sentiment. I’ve actually been thinking about the lines on mine. There is one where it supposedly shows the your children. Mine has one clear line at the top and two lines like this underneath — I have a 5 yo and 2yo twins. Hmmmmm…… But it’s all rubbish isn’t it?

  3. Made me laugh out loud – you giving the ‘finger’. Great post, cool you have found love, I never have time for a manicure either, I just about have time to scrape out the remains of the garden before I cook dinner. Great post!!!

  4. That made me giggle :) we went to a pead consulatant once who took hold of my sons hands, looked at them both, put them down and said ‘he has problem’ we walked out looking at our hands then this little boy of 3 and yes, he is missing a line, his head line, he was later diagnosed with Autism, we had never heard of it before.

    Glad you have found Love xxx

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