Vintage Hunks (Life’s a Journey Link-Up, Week 25)

This post is part of a weekly series of ‘link-up’ Posts which reflect on life’s journey, old memories and family stories (see below for more info).


The beauty of a Blog series that’s all about Nostalgia, is that sometimes you just want to wallow in it. Occasionally it feels good just to savour the moment of a time gone by. Few words are necessary. This is one of those weeks.

For your enjoyment, therefore, may I present my own particular selection of Vintage Hunks. You’re more than welcome.

family stories

The Newman. There are no words, even now.

family stories

The Connery. Yesh, indeed, back in the day when hairy was good. *mops brow*

family stories

The original ‘Rock’. AND a saw. What more could a boy want? *ahem*

family stories

The great ‘Tache himself. Shirtless. There’s a theme emerging here, did you notice?

family stories

The Collins (Lewis). The Bodie. Or was he the Doyle? I can’t remember. Phwoar, anyway.

family stories

The Rambo. Sly and uber-fit.

family stories

The Van Damme. I had a worrying fixation with the Muscles from Brussels in my 20s. There, I said it.

Seriously, now, I could happily go on all night, but my children are starving so I’ll leave you with….

A couple for the gents…..

family stories

The incomparable, timeless beauty of The Loren.

family stories

The absolutely stunning, Lizzie.

And, one for the Crafters out there. Just look at the cardy on that!

family stories

I would truly love to see your own selection (if it’s okay to immasculate these trojan lovelies for a moment), so feel free to join in the Linky with your own Hunks of gorgeousness from times past. Our tastes may differ, but this is no bad thing As my Mother used to say, “There’s a lid for every pan.”

Who would your Vintage Hunks be?

Write a blog post and link it up! The Linky will stay open for some time yet, so no need to rush. Share your memories with us and tell your friends. You can just join in the comments if you prefer – you don’t have to have a Blog to play! Everyone welcome here. Consider it therapy.

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In next week’s Linky we will take a look back at the first cars you ever owned. Come back here and join in with the Blog Hop next Tuesday…

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5 responses to “Vintage Hunks (Life’s a Journey Link-Up, Week 25)

  1. Ooooh… What a selection! AND you included Sylvester Stallone!! I totally had a thing for him as a teenager – and still do, a bit… ;) – to the bemusement of my friends and family!!
    PS: is that vest for real?!

    • Awesome aren’t they. Each and every one. I’m glad you can admit to the Stallone issue. I finally fessed up about Van Damme. Mr. ‘Tache with the vest is a doozey, isn’t he?

  2. I am STILL being teased about the Stallone issue, can you believe?! Must watch these Rambo movies again soon, me think… ;) Thank you for fessing up about the Muscles from Brussels. Now I can finally say: “See, I am not the only one”!! As for Mr. Tache, I had to look at it again. There are no words for… this.

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