Every Single Day

Life here in North Yorkshire is beautifully, predictably dull.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Every Single Day I wake my beauties…

family stories

Every Single Day, we get ready and depart for school. Two boys, two schools, two separate journeys.

family stories

Every Single Day, these little monkeys take me for a walk

family stories

…either here, here or here…

family stories

Every Single Day, after school, we do a little bit of this and that

family stories

And we invariably end up doing some of this. We’re all addicted to CrossFit.

family stories

Then, Every Single Day, exhausted and happy, we tuck in and hope the bugs don’t bite.

family stories

This is my crew. My gang of boys (except Rosie, the dog, my one and only girl).

I love our day’s predictability and security. I love them more and more Every Single Day.

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family stories


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20 responses to “Every Single Day

  1. Awww, love this post. The pictures are so lovely and really tell the story of your day. X

  2. Funny how the mundane put into photos can be so special isn’t it? Love your photos and reportage. Did you see Julia is holding the next Brit Mums carnival and is on the lookout for reportages like yours? You might want to join in?

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