A proper British summer

family storiesCornwall. July. Cue wellies and and waterproofs.

But wait….what is this? The sun is not only shining but it is hot enough to let me dry my beach towels (yes, beach..more on that later) OUTSIDE!!

It is day 5 of our holiday in beautiful Cornwall. This will be the third year that the recession (and a strong compulsion to revive the old fashioned British family holiday on our own shores) has led us to the coast. It is utterly refreshing to see that the only thing which has changed is that it is now my children who are moaning “are we nearly there yet?” and not me.

The blue sky enhances Cornwall’s beauty, like a subtle glance of lipstick on an already perfect face. Her beaches have been beckoning our 3 boys since we crossed the border. They have not disappointed so far.

Our first foray to the shoreline was to the lovely bay of Portscatho. Call us naive, but it was only some hours after we had been there that we realised that this is the now-famed place which was featured on Caroline Quentin’s TV series about the area. You know, the one with the fabulous beach hut cafe overlooking the sands?

family stories

We came, we saw, we picnicked. Lovely Portscatho will be memorable to my family for a number of reasons, but mostly as the place where 5  year old Ollie lost his very very first wobbly tooth!

A meeting with distant family at Mount Edgcumbe Park (near Torpoint) passed pleasurably, and ended with dinner at the Polgooth Inn near St family stories
Austell. A fortuitous choice, it seemed, as Pirates invaded the beer garden and proceeded to sing shanties to us. Only in Cornwall….

Just when we thought the weather couldn’t get better, along came 27 degrees. Phew! Some fool (husband probably) suggested a nice bike ride, and like sheep we blindly agreed. We took the car to Wadebridge and from there we hired cycles with which to attack the Camel Trail.

This is a disused railway which runs between Padstow and Bodmin. It is truly beautiful. But hot and quite busy. There is, however, a perfect pit-stop between Wadebridge and Bodmin. It is the idyllic Camel Valley Vineyard. family storiesSome of England’s finest wines are made here. I know, I tried them!

Little legs pedalled for all their worth, and 15 miles later we gave ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.

family stories

Surf’s Up at Watergate Bay

The kids were rewarded with big surf. Watergate Bay is a vast, wide expanse of soft sand, and the presence of the LifeGuard is an indication that you are unlikely to be disappointed by the waves. I was amongst a number of anxious mothers who were patrolling the water’s edge as their boys had the time of their life in the froth and foam.

family storiesWe found  a tiny cove on the way back to our lodgings. One portable BBQ later and we were rounding off the perfect day with a perfect dinner. Just sausages, fresh air and the lapping of the sea.

Divine Cornwall.

6 responses to “A proper British summer

  1. Loved this. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! We used to go to Cornwall every year until I was 13 years old. Just lovely. And we are going this year for our Summer holiday. I cant wait. Its a part of England where you dont feel like you are in England any more, if you know what I mean.

  2. I have only been to Cornwall once, and it mostly rained. Swimming suits and beach towels remained in the suitcases the whole time. Still found it beautiful, though!

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