We’re Going to the Zoo (‘Life’s a Journey’ Link-Up, Week 29)

This post is part of a weekly series of ‘link-up’ Posts which reflect on life’s journey, old memories and family stories (see below for more info).
family storiesWhat could be more quintessentially childhood-memory-friendly than a trip to the Zoo?!

We recently took the kids to the fabulous Longleat, near Bath, for an amazing day out. It was a day which I am convinced will remain in their memories for many, many years to come. 8 FULL hours of fur, feathers, fins, scales and teeth, resulting in tired legs (and a sprint to the gift shop for some ‘tat’ before closing…..)

Can you remember your first trip to the Zoo?family stories

My earliest memories of encounters with wild animals (if we exclude my brother) are not particularly joyous. Back in the 70s and 80s they were depressing places where large beasts paced up and down and gorillas smeared their arses up against the perspex barriers, with threatening looks. Nice.

family storiesfamily stories

No one ever looked as happy as the faces we saw at Longleat, let me tell ya. The lions always looked like they could use a dose of Bob Martin’s and, to be frank, the penguins always gave me the impression that they may have stolen a cafe spoon and were planning to make a bid for freedom via an underground tunnel network. After the stupid kids family storieshad fed them the fish at 12pm, that is. Not before.

Things couldn’t be more different in 2012 (thank God). The Silverback gorilla lives in his own house on a island. A bit like Richard Branson, but with less celebrity friends. He has been there since 1950-something watching TV. They tried to take it away once, and he apparently went ape-shit (pardon the pun), so they reinstated it. This time he has full plasma, HD Sky TV and loves Sponge Bob Square Pants. I kid thee not. family storiesNo arse-smearing here, my friends.

Our kids had the time of their lives (except when my 5 year old freaked out as we entered the giant Maze). It was relentless entertainment, and I’d thoroughly recommend it as a day out. Oh, and by the way:-

a) the house is just as fabulous as the zoo

b) the monkeys WILL steal bits of your car

What are your memories of the Zoo as a young ‘un? Am I making it sound worse than it really was? Share your memories with us – either write a blog post and link it up (the family storiesLinky will stay open for some time yet, so no need to rush), or just share your memories with us in the comments if you prefer – you don’t have to have a Blog to play! Everyone welcome here. Consider it therapy. But do tell your friends!

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