Beauty in passing

I can remember getting ready to go out on my 18th birthday. It was 1985 and I thought I looked HOT. 27 years on, I am sporting a similar look for an 80’s party. I am REE DICULOUS.

family storiesfamily stories

I am amazed by how easily the application of my blue eye liner comes back to me, and ever-so-slightly perturbed when my 5 year old tells me “You look pretty Mummy”.

It got me thinking about how the birth of each new decade seems to hammer a nail in to the coffin of the previous one. Goodbye shoulder pads, farewell white ‘shag me’ shoes, nighty night wet-look hair. What was once beautiful (or was it?) has become an overnight shambles.

family storiesfamily storiesfamily stories

I started SaveEveryStep because I didn’t want my Mum’s memory to be lost. I didn’t want the beauty and warmth of her 1950s youth to be just a face in a black and white photo, wearing curious white gloves and a funny little hat. Time is an absolute sod. It takes away from us our beauty and ultimately separates us from those we love.

family storiesfamily storiesfamily stories

So, to my mind we should be celebrating the passing of each era. Treasure the ridiculousness of that tartan pinafore or those skinny jeans (who knew they’d make a come back?) and find a way to keep the beauty of the times you’ve experienced intact in your memories as part of your legacy.

Oh, and remember – you are beautiful now, just as you were beautiful then but didn’t think so at the time.

This might help.

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21 responses to “Beauty in passing

  1. Excellent big hair (mine is thin and fine so I never conquered the look) and I think your current blue eye liner looks great. It must be my age. Your Mum is Proper Glamorous. Relative youth is always beautiful for those of us that are a few years further on :-)

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