Sunday Lunch (‘Life’s a Journey’ nostalgia Link-Up, week 35

This post is part of a weekly series of ‘link-up’ Posts which reflect on life’s journey, old memories and family stories (see below for more info).

family storiesWhen I was a kid it was called Sunday Dinner. We ate it at lunchtime, but we called it dinner time. 1 o’clock prompt, at the dinner table, in the dining room.
Invariably, the radio would be on, as would the electric fire. The sounds of ‘The News Huddlines’ would make my dad chuckle as he laid the table, and bore the sillies off us young ‘uns.

The luscious smell of roast lamb would waft through the house, and I would be sent to pick the fresh mint for our sauce, which I compliantly minced with a little silver handle. That was my job.

Treacle pudding would be sizzling in the pressure cooker. Its defiant inability, once revealed, to hold the shape of a pudding basin, earned it the name ‘Treacle Flop’ for all eternity. It was served with thick, sweet Bird’s custard-powder-custard (which I thought to be REAL custard for many a year after leaving home).

My brother and I ate too fast, we constantly put our elbows on the table, and forgot to ask “Can we please leave the table?” All of which was a cause for great consternation amongst the ‘Nans’, but this was family storiesour Sunday ritual, and now I remember it with fondness. Even the net curtains.

The closest we get to this ritual these days is Christmas Lunch Dinner. How about you?

What were your Sunday lunch rituals? Share your memories with us in this week’s Link Up – either write a blog post and link it up (the Linky will stay open for some time yet, so no need to rush), or just share your memories with us in the comments if you prefer – you don’t have to have a Blog to play! Everyone welcome here. Consider it therapy. But do tell your friends!

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5 responses to “Sunday Lunch (‘Life’s a Journey’ nostalgia Link-Up, week 35

  1. What a great idea for a website. I must confess to finding Sundays depressing as a kid and the way the adult (men) would snooze after Sunday lunch. It was a little too traditional for my 1980s teenage thoughts. But now I am older and we are not all here, I would give anything to recreate those family dinners x

    • You’re so right! That smell of custard always takes me right back! Thanks so much for your kind words about the website, I hope you know someone who might find it useful!!

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