If it’s 8pm it must be Dad’s Army

family storiesNo surprise that I’ve gone all retro on you again.

In truth, when offered the theme ‘8pm’ for a blog post, my lack-lustre daily existence let me down. I mean, who the hell wants to read about me screaming at my children and burning my arm on a frying pan?

But when I was a kid, 8pm on a Sunday had a special place in our lives. Tea over, bath time done, glass of milk in hand, we all sat down (far too close to the two-feet thick wooden-framed TV; so close that my mother always named it as the reason why I had to wear glasses at the age of 8) for another adventure with Mr Mainwaring and company.

Dad’s Army was, and still is, a classic. It’s been making us chuckle for well over 40 years, even though the last episode was aired for the first time on 13th November 1977.

This was just about the only TV show that entertained every member of the family. So I salute you, 8pm Sunday men of Walmington-on-Sea, as a robust and remarkable notch on my childhood nostalgia belt.

If you never watched it…..you really are a stupid boy.

22 responses to “If it’s 8pm it must be Dad’s Army

  1. We used to watch this at my Grandmas so I thought it was on a Saturday. Must have been the next round of repeats perhaps. I had an annual too, I would still enjoy watching it. Great memory, thank you

    • I had to go back to the BBC Archives and check, cos I couldn’t remember which day it was. It’s been repeated that many times it’s probably been on every day of the week at some time!!!!

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