I am Spartacus

There is one day in the calendar of crazy fitness fanatics which cannot be missed.

It takes place over a 5 km military training ground course, and involves tyre-carrying, crawling over ice, nets, rivers and obstacles.

Oh, and MUD. Lots of mud.

family stories

It is called the Spartan Race and this year we went along, kids ‘n’ all.

To watch.

What, you think I’m Spartacus? Don’t be ridiculous now. These are my lovely CrossFit friends.

38 responses to “I am Spartacus

  1. Reminds me of our cross country runs from school getting muddy like that! Good on those who enter x

  2. I’m with you – this is a spectator sport only. Not that I actually do any kind of sport but your pals are enjoying themselves, which is the main thing :-) Jo

  3. Wow! Am yet to do the Spartan run. It looks like fun and something I’m sure I could convince people from my CrossFit box to do! Something satisfying about getting covered in mud!

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