Tinsel and Tat (‘Life’s a Journey’ weekly nostalgia Link-Up, week 47)

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In our house there is a ritual which denotes that the Christmas season has finally been allowed to enter the building.

family stories

Current family ‘tat’

We drive the kids to the nearest forest, let them out of the car, shoo them off and then lay breadcrumbs…….just kidding. But we DO pick out a nice Christmas tree as a family and somehow manage to manhandle its over-ambitious plump belly into the car for the journey home. The air is always tinged with excitement at this point. It’s a sign that the festivities may begin…

Our ritual continues as the large cardboard box is hauled from the garage and plonked beside the tree. Within the seemingly innocuous confines of this box lies all manner of crud. There is a rapidly-diminishing selection of heirloom glass baubles; the little tiny remaining symbols of the Christmases of my childhood which have survived the years of abuse and non-bounce-proof wooden floors.

There are also the awful, child-pleasing statues of snowmen and the enormous selection of twinkly lights in a variety of garish colours, as well as the crumpled but family storiesheart-warming ‘creations’ which little hands have manufactured over the years, and the scene is set.

My memories of the Christmas decorating ritual as a child consists mainly of:-

a) chocolate tree decorations (my dad worked for Cadbury but they rarely made it to the tree)

b) trying to find which of the little bulbs in the link is the one not working, therefore rendering the entire string of lights completely useless. Oh, and wrapping great swathes of ugly tinsel around and around our tiny three foot tree. The small parts of green which were still visible were then quickly disguised by clumps of gold string which were rather unprofessionally thrown at the poor over-decorated creature in the corner.

family stories

Christmas 1975. Tree barely visible due to its meagreness

If all that wasn’t enough, there was string. This was my job. There was a Christmas card from everyone in the western hemisphere and each and every one had its place. I would sellotape string in giant ‘W’s’ all over the house and hang the cards astride it with great gusto. Ten minutes later and they would all have slid into the middle of the string, giving me a chance to do the whole job again. Marvellous.

So, I want to hear from all of you. What were your family rituals around this time of year? Share your memories of decorating the house and the tree. Can you still remember how it felt? Perhaps you have an heirloom decoration which you still use ever year?family stories

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5 responses to “Tinsel and Tat (‘Life’s a Journey’ weekly nostalgia Link-Up, week 47)

  1. We had a tree covered in yards of tinsel and tons of foil stuff, and adorned with a crushed paper angel made by yours truly circa 1974. And cards that fell to the floor hourly. And foil decorations pinned to the ceiling that hit you on the head if you were taller than 4ft 3. Happy Christmas

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