‘Life’s a Journey’ nostalgia – a year in review

Welcome to our weekly series of ‘link-up’ Posts which reflect on life’s journey, old memories and family stories (see below for more info).

It’s a year in to this theme, so instead of a Linky this week, I thought we’d take a look back at the subjects we’ve covered this year.

It started, as life itself begins, with a photo from the day we were born. Awww. Yes, I’m old, it’s black and white.

family stories

We also spent a week celebrating other early aspects of childhood – that first school portrait; our earliest writings; the visit of the Tooth Fairy, and our first shiny new bike. Precious memories indeed.

And then there were the pre-teen years…..joining the Girl Guides (and finding the uniform in your wardrobe 30 years later!); teenage crushes; playground antics and skipping ropes, and the delights of  good old fashioned penny chews in the sweet shops of our youth.

family stories

In early adulthood, we bought our first records and wallowed in their nostalgia; we got our first job and misbehaved badly; we learned to drive our very first car; cried when we learned we needed to wear pink NHS glasses, and made a best friend for life.

family stories

And then the serious stuff was revisited. The years of being a proper grown up, so full of highs and lows….the unbridled joy of getting married; the life changing event of becoming a parent; we paid tribute to our wonderful grandparents and the rituals of Sunday lunches with the family. Things didn’t always turn out well for all of us, so divorce came up. It’s good to share – all of these events are defining parts of our lives and it felt right to give them their rightful place of record in our history.

family stories

There were other themes of course, and it feels as though we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of life’s rich seam. I do hope that you’ll join us in the weekly Linkies, oh and of course tell your friends!!!

Here’s to another year of memories…

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More about the Life’s a Journey weekly memories series.

9 responses to “‘Life’s a Journey’ nostalgia – a year in review

  1. Great post, I’m another one who enjoys this series and linking up to some of them! I’ve been known to go “ooh, it’s Tuesday – wonder what the new linky is?!” then come to check which is what brought me here today! :-)

  2. Will keep a look out, and hopefully join in! Was going to join in past few weeks but it was driving license related (I’ve never driven, lol) and first pet related (I’ve never ever owned a pet.) So I was stuffed, lol. :-D
    Hope next week is something more for me! :-D

  3. You already know how much I am enjoying your nostalgia trips as I keep coming back, but ! wanted to comment all the same! Happy 1st anniversary! :o) And here is to your Linky becoming more and more popular. xx

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