C is for Cat

For no other reason than that he is 6 this month, and a silent but treasured part of the family, I give you…Tarzan.

My beautiful Siberian cat.

family stories

family stories

family stories

He must be a good cat because I’m sitting taking photos of him. And I’m a dog person…..

Happy birthday old mog.

52 responses to “C is for Cat

  1. Ooh he is a very fine looking cat! I love the black and white photo, it is really gorgeous

  2. Super gorgeous… Hello Tarzan, I do love your name and what a brave and stately fellow you are. You do remind me so much of our sadly missed, Lord Byron that it makes me :-D Thankyou sweet pea… xxx

      • You betcha!!! Was actually my grown up son’s beloved “soul mate” disguised as a cat… not surprising that my boy’s PHd thesis was in “Literature” :-D
        Tarzan has exactly the same attitude, look in the eye, tilt of the head as our beautiful Lord Byron… only difference is that our boy was “as black as the ace of spades”. ha ha ha… I’m smiling. Thanks for that xxx

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