Chickenpox! (‘Life’s a Journey’ nostalgia Link-Up, week 57)

family storiesWelcome to year two of our weekly series of ‘link-up’ Posts which reflect on life’s journey, old memories and family stories (see below for more info).

For me, Chickenpox came at a really bad time.

I was about 15 years old and was holed up at home with a face covered in red kidney beans. There’s never a good time for Chickenpox, of course, but this was an utter disaster. We were due a visit from my cousin from down south. He just happened to be bringing with him his divine 18 year old motorcycle-riding friend (let’s call him Pete, since that was his actual name). I really fancied him a LOT.

I was bloody riddled with welts. They were in my mouth, in my hair, inside my ears and EVERYWHERE. It was like the worst kind of torture, and at a time in my life when I was most self-conscious about my appearance. Pure hell. A small voice in my head whispered, “scratch me” 24 hours a day, and yet I knew that one single nano-second of temporary relief could result in a deep cave of a permanent scar.

Pete arrived and Pete left. Permanently. I can’t blame him. Who wants to date a spotted dick?

Like most people, my own kids both had Chickenpox when they were very young toddlers. I feel justified, given the lack of a photo of my own poxy torture, in using this image in its place. I give you George, aged 3, who broke out like this on the last day of a French holiday in 2003. Why is it so funny when it’s someone else?!

When did you or yours get The Pox? Were your experiences as bad as mine? Perhaps you have a photo of the ailment which you’d like to share? Spill the beans in a blog post and add your posts on the Linky below, or just leave a comment. It truly makes all the difference.

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16 responses to “Chickenpox! (‘Life’s a Journey’ nostalgia Link-Up, week 57)

  1. Oh no, I really awful time to get it! I got it just before Christmas when I was 7 I think. Had to miss the end of term school party and my starring roles in the Brownies play and nativity ;(

  2. Bless him! That is so many spots. Both of my two had it before they turned 5 thankfully, it’s usually a lot more severe in adults. My aunt was hospitalised with it eek x

  3. Eeek chicken pox. My 2 had the dreaded chicken pox last year almost 10 days apart. Thankfully they got pretty bad cases so hopefully they won’t come back again.

  4. I was a school kid when I got chicken pox so nothing as dramatic as your experience!
    First Daughter was a toddler and got it a week before Christmas… Second Daughter was not much older and broke out the day before we were supposed to fly on our summer holiday… Yes, really.

    • Aggh! Did you still go on holiday? I smuggled George back on the ferry looking like this, as it was our LAST day on the holiday from hell and there was no way I was staying there any longer!!!

  5. 2 weeks of chickenpox was an awful time of my childhood. I hope no kid will suffer from this ugly disease, but it’s a pity the chickenpox vaccine does not work well always.

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