Me and Mine, August family portrait

August has been mainly sunshine for us. I never thought I’d hear myself say that.

We have been able to get out into the garden (not to enjoy it, just to destroy it in readiness for the landscaping that we can’t afford and will probably never happen).

We have enjoyed some fab days out, and have topped the month off with a lovely holiday in France where too much wine meant that I did more than my fair share of lounging and reading.

It seemed like this month’s image should reflect the sunny summer. And the lounging.

(It’s NOT our garden, obv.)

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23 responses to “Me and Mine, August family portrait

    • Thanks Lucy. Loved your gate pic too and the new summer colours on your site, but lost my Internet at home so can’t leave a comment on anyone’s posts today. iPhone has limitations it seems!

  1. I love the creative approach you take to your me and mine posts – I’m feeling inspired to look into trying out a tripod so I don’t have to rely on arms reach pics or someone else taking it for us. Look forward to seeing what you do with next months!

    • I don’t think I’ve inspired anyone before, so thanks for the lovely compliment ! Get a passing stranger to help, or even lay the camera on the floor/on a box and use the self timer, then run!

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