The 10th first day of term

The boy is beginning to become a man.

I can remember his tiny little knots of knees dangling from the over-adequate capacity of his small grey shorts as he began his 1st first day of term in Reception, so many eons ago. We held fingers and both tried not to cry. Look at him now.

family stories

This is our special ritual, on the very first day of the school year, come rain or shine. My mission – to capture the sweet but unstoppable passing of time which rushes past us like a warm summer wind.

These images are exactly one year apart, and serve to remind us both how much can change in 10 short years. From cute, through ugly, and on to hairy, he’s still my baby boy.

Scarily, we have too few of these left to take, as the school years are finite and the willing smiles are diminishing. Each becomes the sweeter for that knowledge.

And yes, I know there are only 9 pictures…somewhere around 2006 I’ve lost one!

Little brother? He’s making his own mark on the photo montage collection, and helping us add to our family timelines….gradually :-)

family stories

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