There are two mighty oak trees dominating our back garden. I adore them.

family stories

It is in these trees that I first glimpse the coming of the seasons.

As my husband and I toil on the land (for this is our latest behemoth of a DIY project), each of the trees neatly and frequently seeks to remind us of their presence. A light precipitation of acorns makes pitiful attempts to concuss. When this fails, they turn to plan B, and grow their tiny but tenacious babies in our soil.

family stories

The perdition of autumn is almost here, and these two giant beauties will shed their skins across our grass for the who-knows-how-many-hundredth time.

family stories

As I look out of my kitchen window every morning, I and the creatures who share them with me, hope to be awed by their magnificence for many years to come.

family stories

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