Life on the fly

Growing up in the 80s, a telephone was a large, very much NOT portable, cream thing which sat in the hall attached to a long wire. It could help you speak to someone without seeing them, but it couldn’t remember your best friend’s number, nor could it take photos.

Can you imagine suggesting back then that THAT phone would one day be wireless, fit in your pocket and enable you to conduct your life ‘on the fly’?

Today I celebrate the awesomeness of our modern telephony with a flurry of those ‘snaps’ that were taken instinctively to capture a moment in time when the light was just right, or the face was tilted at the perfect angle, or the dogs were both looking the same way at the same time.

These are the shots that simply wouldn’t exist without my phone.

family stories

my Legolas

family stories

a lovely day out

family stories

new wheels

family stories

anyone got a brolley?

family stories

beautiful Lake District

family stories

cotton beards

family stories

Christmas doggies

family stories

our winter dog walk

family stories


nature's amazing variety

nature’s amazing variety

special mention pride

special mention pride

made by her, for him

made by her, for him

the things we do for those kids' parties

the things we do for those kids’ parties

family stories

monkeying around

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23 responses to “Life on the fly

  1. Fabulous! The camera phone certainly has its uses. Like you say, we would never get these sorts of pics without it.
    Made me laugh thinking of the 80s phone! Even 10 years ago I don’t think we could have imagined what phones would be capable of now.

  2. Great take on the subject and you’ve really snapped some lovely moments – phones are just perfect for that aren’t they? I love the one of the 50th cake, really effective, and of course your boys with the candy floss beards!

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