In some cases, a picture can tell a thousand words. This is one of those moments.

My youngest was rummaging in boxes and eventually emerged triumphant, with an old, small shoe box with which I was presented.

The box held just four items, but was chock full of memories for me. Two tiny pairs of the very first shoes that each of my babies wore. Proper leather shoes, which I have been unable to part with. Reminders of their first steps, their tiny toes, baby laughter and the day I began the never-ending task of trying to keep up with them.

family stories

“Mum, how come my baby shoes were bigger than George’s?”

Because, my love, you were a giant baby.

family stories“OMG, did you really make me wear shoes with BUCKLES?”

Uh-huh. Blue, shiny and cuter than a fluffy wabbit. Oh, and you were also breast-fed. Meh.

That’s the trouble with kids. If you keep feedin’ ’em, they will keep growin’.

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