A pain in the neck

This is my neck.

No, I do not have a new bow tie. In actual fact, for the purpose of serious medical instruction, I have Pritt-sticked a piece of green felt to this part of my body. No smirking in the back, please.
family storiesUntil last Friday, this neck had served me pretty well. Or so I thought until the results of some blood tests came in and confirmed that is has been seriously and secretly letting me down.

Apparently, there is  a strain of underactive (Hypo)thyroidism running in the family. I have it. So, it seems, does just about everyone else; none of whom thought it worth mentioning, and of which I, as a consequence have been blissfully unaware up to this point. Awesome.

family stories

I don’t actually have any pain in the neck at all, but thanks to this little gland’s inability to pump hormones around my body, I do have them just about everywhere else. Thyroid – small, ugly, but important, apparently.

So there you have it. My let-down body part, an unintended (and hitherto unknown) part of my genealogy and family stories.

Now, where did I put those pills?

23 responses to “A pain in the neck

  1. What a great way to highlight a hidden problem/ Well done for making such an important point in a way that’s easy to remember.
    And I hope you get to grips with your thyroid, soon, so that it causes fewer problems.

  2. That’s a rubbish thing to find out – but good that you have found out and hopefully it can get sorted.

  3. My mum had hers taken out completely due to a tumour. She now has to take many pills. It’s an important bit of equipment. Once you have your medication sorted fingers crossed you get a good balance xx

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