Me and Mine, October family portrait

family stories


A new (effing enormous) shed.

A one armed teenager.

A conker collection.

A sucky Hypothroidism diagnosis.

A mid-point Adoption assessment review.

Lego all over the floor. And the sofa. And the sideboard. And now up the Hoover.

These were taken in our front garden (mainly because the back garden is now obliterated by the world’s largest shed).

Try to focus on anything but hubby’s third trimester, s’il vous plait….


family stories

family stories

24 responses to “Me and Mine, October family portrait

  1. Haha, my first thought was “I wonder what her and her littlest did to end up behind bars in this month’s photo”… funny the things you notice in a photo! Sounds like a busy, but good busy, month. Loving all three photos, they are great. x

  2. Sounds like a busy month- exciting about the adoption things coming along. I love these photos, the gate one is fab! And loved your comment about the hubby’s third trimester. ;) x

  3. Oh these made me giggle, such a creative use of your very lovely gate! Hopefully the worlds largest shed will come into it’s own over the winter, and the adoption news sounds very exciting!

  4. what a month! shame about the broken arm but sure he’s taking it in his stride, that’s a pretty cool cast after all.
    All the best with expanding the family – it’ll be a lucky child that ends up with you guys x

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